quartz black hand dryer
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    7 year warranty as standard

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    Best in class energy efficiency - from just 200 watts

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    UK based technical support

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    Proven to eliminate 98% of airborne micro-organisms

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    Proven to eliminate 96% of surface micro-organisms


    Choice of four units designed for both washrooms and shared spaces



Featuring our very own superhero characters, this dryer can help get children used to the sight and sounds of hand dryers in washrooms – and helps to make hand drying fun!

Come meet our superheroes!

Our Clients

  • Tesco
  • Bunzl
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Bombardier

About Airdri

Founded in 1974 by two mechanical and electrical engineers, Airdri remains a family owned business today with operations in the UK, US and China.

Environmental sustainability is central to Airdri’s ongoing product development.  By establishing best practices and acting with integrity we strive to meet our obligations to the environment, providing reliable and innovative products that reflect our commitment to waste, energy, noise reduction and clean air.

Over time, the Airdri Group has evolved.  Although hand dryers will always be our core business, our in-house engineering expertise has led us to explore new areas of growth.  Since the 1980’s, under the brand Formula Systems, we have been at the forefront of the elevator technology industry with the creation of our patented elevator door systems and speech units.  In early 2020, Airdri launched SteraSpace, a range of ‘best in class’ air & surface sanitisers that are proven to effectively eliminate up to 99.6% of harmful bacteria and viruses.


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Looking for efficient, cost-effective and sustainable options for your office washroom? Take a look at the Quest model from our ECO range; energy saving, efficient and costs just £58 per year to run! Find out more on our website today.



Viruses and bacteria build up on surfaces and spread through the air. Hotspots in the workplace known to house pathogens include door handles, keyboards and restrooms. Ensure employee safety with SteraSpace technology. https://www.airdri.com/steraspace-sanitisers/ #workplacesafety #bacteria #hygiene

Many businesses may use 2023 as a chance to make changes to help them reach their #sustainability objectives. Why not start in the washroom? Our ECO range run on less than 1000 watts, the industry standard for a dryer to be considered green, find out more https://www.airdri.com/the-eco-range/