We are renowned for making some of the most reliable hand dryers on the market and are a trusted supplier to some of the busiest airports, service stations and fast-food restaurants in the world.

Our models’ steadfast reliability stems from the hard work of our engineers over the past four decades in creating our own bespoke motor brushes that outlast all others by up to ten times.

This long lifespan, along with our robust designs, low energy consumption and low sound levels has enabled us to grow into a hand dryer brand that you can trust.

All models are touch-free, there is no tricky maintenance and no filters to replace, just durable and reliable hand dryers that continue to work well, years after installation.

The Airdri Range

Airdri have developed 7 models that have been designed with unique attributes to suit every type of washroom.

Selecting the right model can benefit in more ways than one; from reducing annual running and servicing costs to maintaining a quieter environment and further complementing the aesthetics of your washroom.

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