Dry Time:
15-20 seconds
Energy Usage:
1.7 kW @ 230 volts
Running Cost:
£117.00 per year
7 Years


The Airdri Quad is one of the most socially inclusive hand dryers on the market. It is American’s with Disabilities Act compliant and also features a very low sound level.

The flat front fascia offers an excellent opportunity for customer branding and its ultra-slim profile makes it a perfect choice for medium traffic washrooms with limited space, such as schools.

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Features and benefits

  • 200 uses per day = £117 annual running cost
  • ADA Compliant
  • One of the world’s slimmest dryers
  • Customisable front cover
  • 7 year warranty


Ideal for accessible and smaller washrooms, this model is ideal for saving space in smaller spaces. The Quad is also an excellent choice for venues where low sound level is a key requirement.

  • Primary schools
  • Spas
  • Library or Learning centres
  • Washrooms with limited space
  • Accessible washrooms


ADA Compliant

CE Compliant

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