Area Size:
Up to 18m³ (20 passengers)
Energy Usage:
Running Cost:
£26 per year


Elevator cabs present a unique challenge in terms of infection control and standard elevator cab cleaning can only offer a temporary solution.  As soon as the area is cleaned, the airborne micro-organisms immediately begin to settle, recolonising on the surfaces and increasing odour and infection problems.

The SteraSpace -Elevator Air & Surface sanitiser is suited for use in cabs up to 18²m (up to 20 passengers) with continual operation.

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Features and benefits

  • Suitable for cab areas of continuous use
  • Proven to kill 98.11% of airborne micro-organisms
  • Proven to kill 99.5% of surface micro-organisms
  • Controls infections by killing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi
  • Covers cabs up to 18 square metres
  • Removes odours, pollen, pollution and smoke


Suitable for elevator cabs up to 18m³ (20 passengers)

Can be installed new or retrofitted

Ongoing Maintenance

Requires one annual lamp change.

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With efficacy data from multiple laboratories including Porton Down in the UK, this technology is the most advanced virus control technology of its kind.

The units work by combining advanced technologies to emit a flow of disinfecting plasma that’s proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms.

The combination of Photo Catalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irradiation and Dual Waveband UV technologies produce a plasma of Targeted ozone, Superoxide Ions and Hydroxyl Radicals that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould fungi and odours.

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UV light cannot escape from the unit from any angle ensuring it is completely safe. Ozone levels used are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations in the world.

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