Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we thought might help. If you have a specific question not covered here, get in touch.

Is SteraSpace CARB Approved?

Yes, SteraSpace has been approved by the California Air Resources Board as CARB compliant equipment.

What makes SteraSpace better than any other currently on the market?

Not all units on the market use a combination of technologies to guarantee superior results.  SteraSpace air sanitisers emit a plasma that not only sanitises surfaces but the ambient air also.

Does the SteraSpace produce ozone?

Yes, the units do produce ozone but in very low quantities and a combination of technologies is used to make sure that a minimal amount of ozone is emitted.  The amount of ozone produced by a SteraSpace unit is of the same levels as those emitted after a thunderstorm. The SteraSpace is CARB approved for the US.

I’ve read that low amounts of ozone can damage the lungs?

Every day ozone is breathed in by us all.  The level of ozone produced by the SteraSpace units is well below the recommended limits and in fact is lower than all international safety levels.

Does it work against Coronavirus?

Whilst testing on the current strain of Coronavirus has not been possible, we have demonstrated results on much harder to kill micro-organisms and the units have been tested using surrogates to prove efficacy against viruses, bacteria, mould, VOC’s and odours.

Part of the technology used in the SteraSpace units (photo catalytic disinfection) has been proven to kill Coronavirus.

How do you know it works; do you have proof?

We have reports and data from many sources including The UK Public Health Laboratory at Porton Down and users such as the NHS.  These are confirmed scientific reports and not marketing literature.

Should I switch the unit off when I’m not around?

The simple answer is no.  SteraSpace units are designed to provide 24/7 protection to any area.  In fact, by switching a unit off and on this may shorten the lamp life.

Is it expensive to run?

The SteraSpace unit runs on around 20 watts meaning an annual running cost from £13/$20 a year.

Why not use bleach or peroxide fogging to sanitise a room?

Whilst peroxide fogging is popular and extremely effective in sanitising an area, once it is completed, the bacterial and viral colonisation will immediately start again.  This means that this process must be constantly repeated. It also requires the space to be unoccupied during the treatment, which is not feasible in some environments.

Are SteraSpace units harmful to children?

No, the technology within SteraSpace units is safe.  Each unit has been designed to be used in an appropriate location and present no risk of harm.

I’ve plugged it in, how do I know it’s working?

When plugged in, a blue glow can be seen through the lens.  You may also notice a freshness in the air, especially first thing in the morning when hygiene levels are highest.

If I can see the blue glow, will the UV light damage my eyes?

The blue light you see is visible light and not UV light.  This is not harmful and has been tested with all SteraSpace units.

Are there units currently in production and being used?

SteraSpace units are being produced and are in use in care homes, ambulances, hotels, pubs, shops, office, call centres exhibition halls all over the country and indeed worldwide.

How long does it take to sanitise a room?

After purchasing the appropriate unit for the room and installing it as advised, your SteraSpace unit will start working immediately. The plasma will have dispersed throughout the room after 8 hours, however, allowing a few days to get on top of any back contamination is recommended.  The purifying plasma will be continually present, creating a hostile environment for all micro-organisms.

How does it sanitise both air and surfaces?

The germicidal UV lamp combined with the titanium oxide catalyst cleaning plates eliminate any harmful micro-organisms and odours drawn into the unit.  On top of this, the lamp also produces a plasma which is pumped out of the unit and circulates around the room sanitising the air and all surfaces.  Part of the process also has an ionizing effect which reduces the amount of airborne dust and debris.

SteraSpace units are more expensive compared to other units available?

Whilst there are many units that are cheaper, they may be cheaper for a reason.  This could be because the technology is not as advanced, the build quality may be inferior and also the units provided may not have the efficacy data to prove they work.  Whilst we cannot comment on data used by any other brands, we know our data is valid and our units will perform exactly as detailed on the specification sheet.