Hand dryers for schools

More so than ever schools, students and teachers need protecting from viruses and other infections. With hand washing still very key in reducing the spread of viruses, many schools will be using their hand dryers more than ever. School hand dryers can often be noisy, not energy efficient and can be slow to dry individual’s hands.

Airdri’s range of hand dryers for schools are quiet, they dry hands quickly and are energy efficient to keep ongoing electrical costs down. Airdri’s range of hand dryers for school restrooms, including the new PowerDRI, CompactDRI and ComfortDRI, can offer the perfect hand drying solution for your school, college, or academy.

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    Looking to compare running costs based on usage?

    Use our Running Cost Calculator to get an accurate picture of how much you can save by choosing an Airdri electric hand dryer v.s. opting for paper towels.

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    Want to find out how much waste you could save by switching to a hand dryer?

    Choosing hand dryers for your washrooms is a smart and environmentally-friendly choice.

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