Steraspace air & surface sanitisers provide continuous protection from the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and odours.

One of the main ways that illnesses, including coronavirus, can spread through workplaces is via airborne particles which are then directly inhaled, or can land on surfaces where they colonise and can be transferred into a host via their hands.

Effective infection control needs to be in place to ensure confidence and safety for the people in your premises.

SteraSpace air and surface sanitisers work by combining three advanced technologies in order to emit a constant flow of disinfecting plasma which is proven to eliminate micro-organisms both in the air and on surfaces.


The importance of indoor air quality

The quality of air within your premises will impact the experience and overall health of your staff, visitors and residents, no matter how small or big your business is.

In all enclosed spaces, unpleasant odours and infections are created by viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on exposed surfaces. As soon as an area is cleaned, the airborne micro-organisms immediately begin to settle, recolonising on the surfaces and increasing odour and infection problems.

Cleaning and disinfecting do not provide on-going protection, and in some cases inadequate cleaning practices and poor ventilation will make the problem worse.


SteraSpace air & surface sanitisers continuously distribute a plasma that eliminates harmful viruses and breaks down bacteria – leaving the room smelling clean and fresh. Air does not need to pass through the units so SteraSpace will be effective in poorly ventilated rooms.


The Steraspace range

The range includes four units, the SteraSpace WashroomSteraSpace 20 and SteraSpace 80.

The products have been carefully designed to be suitable for many different environments, from washrooms, to offices, medical practices, and care homes up to 60m2.

Some factors to consider when choosing your SteraSpace unit include:

  • What is the area size?
  • What is the average footfall?
  • Is the area used continuously?
  • Is silent operation a key factor?



Benefits of Steraspace

Steraspace Efficacy Data

The efficacy of SteraSpace technology has been tested by multiple laboratories including Porton Down, Leeds University and SGS, all based in the UK.

Beware of suppliers who do not have readily available efficacy data or provide efficacy data from non-certified or non-EU laboratories.

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On-Going Maintenance

SteraSpace units are simple and reliable to run, all they need is an annual lamp change.

The lamp will not stop working but after approximately 8,000 hours the UV-C lamp will lose 20 to 30% of its UV power. To ensure the unit is working at 100% efficiency, we recommend the lamp is changed at around 8,000 hours (or 12 months).

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Warranty & Aftercare

Each SteraSpace unit comes with a 12-month warranty.

Included in each box are comprehensive installation and lamp change instructions.

For support with exchanging lamps or purchasing additional units, our sales team will be happy to help.

SteraSpace Warranty


Concerned about fungal growth?

SteraSpace technology has been proven to remove 100% of A. Fumigatas particles in the air in less than 60 minutes.

Running continuously, SteraSpace units provide protection from the growth and spread of mould.

How SteraSpace technology works

Watch our video to learn how Steraspace technology works

Learn how SteraSpace utilizes multiple advanced virus and bacteria control technologies to safely and effectively eliminate pathogens.


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