The air around us contains micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds. Airborne micro-organisms can create offensive odours, spread infections and be responsible for the continued growth of mould.

Standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures can only offer a temporary solution. As soon as an area is cleaned, the airborne micro-organisms immediately begin to settle, recolonising on the surfaces and increasing odour and infection problems.

One of the main ways that illnesses, including coronavirus, can spread through workplaces is via airborne particles which are then directly inhaled, or can land on surfaces where they colonise and can be transferred into a host via their hands.

Steraspace Air & Surface Sanitisers provide 24/7 infection and odour control by sanitising surrounding air and exposed surfaces.


The technologies produced in the plasma chamber act on the virus in different ways

Steraspace efficacy data

The efficacy of SteraSpace technology has been tested by multiple laboratories including Porton Down, Leeds University and SGS, who are all based in the UK.

  • Proven to eliminate 92.17% of airborne MS2 coliphage in 5 minutes
  • Proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne Staph. epidermidis in 5 minutes
  • Proven to eliminate particles down to 0.0001 microns in size

Beware of suppliers who do not have readily available efficacy data or provide efficacy data from non-certified or non-EU laboratories.

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Steraspace sanitisers provide 24/7 infection control for your business.

Not only do they eliminate harmful micro-organisms and unpleasant odours, they also clean deep into fabrics, remove the need for masking agents and help to reduce staff absenteeism.

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Able to service areas up to 80m2, there are four units in the range suitable for varying environments, from washrooms, to offices, to all areas of care homes.

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