Hand dryer maintenance guide

Follow these simple steps to ensure your hand dryers are running at optimal performance. Not only will keeping a regular cleaning schedule help keep your hand dryers looking their best but it will also help to prolong the dryer life.

This advice applies to all models in the Airdri hand dryer range; QuantumDeco,  QuadQuazar.

If you need support with caring for your dryers you can contact us for expert advice based on your specific needs.

To maintain the exterior of the dryer

Hand dryers should be regularly cleaned as part of your washroom cleaning schedule.

  • The exterior of the dryer, including the automatic controller lens and the air inlet grille, should be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • DO NOT use aggressive cleaners or solvents as they can permanently damage the surface.
  • A proprietary furniture polish can be used, however performing a test on a small area is recommended
  • Airdri dryers are drip proof (IP21 or better, see rating label), DO NOT allow liquids to enter the unit


To maintain the interior of the dryer

Interior hand dryer cleaning and maintenance must be undertaken by a competent person every six months or more frequently in a dusty/high usage environment.

  • Turn off all power to the dryer
  • Remove the cover
  • Using a small brush or vacuum, carefully clean out the build-up of dust and lint
  • Check the length of the motor brushes. If less than ½” (12.7mm), replace. Check that motor brushes are installed correctly and that the brushes are worn evenly
  • Clean controller lens
  • Replace cover
  • Turn power back on
  • Test operation of unit

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Running on just 200 watts, the annual running costs is less than £10. (based on 200 uses per day, 365 days per year)

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