Dry Time:
20 seconds
Energy Usage:
110 – 240 volts 50/60 Hz
Running Cost:
£45 per year
5 years


The PureDri utilises best-in-class sanitising technology to provide a triple action defence against the spread of bacteria, mould, viruses and odours in washrooms.

Designed by Airdri engineers to tackle infection control and washroom sustainability head on, the PureDri is a hybrid hand drying and sanitising system that creates cleaner, fresher and more sustainable washroom environments. It also benefits from an ultra slim profile and a user-friendly LED display panel for complete ease of use in the modern washroom.

  • 99.8%
    Airborne viruses eliminated in 75 minutes
  • 99.8%
    Surface bacteria eliminated in 4 hours
  • 74.1%
    Airborne viruses in 5 minutes
  • 11%
    Reduction in bacteria after washing

PureDri works to continuously maintain a washroom environment that is hostile to pathogens by creating and distributing a sanitising plasma into the air and onto surfaces, as well as providing individual user protection by focusing plasma both around the user and onto hands at the end of the hand drying cycle.

This highly efficacious sanitising plasma is formed of hydroxyl radicals, superoxide ions and low levels of ozone and is proven to eliminate 99.8% of airborne and 99.8% of surface micro-organisms within minutes and substantially reduce unpleasant orders.

Features and benefits

Washroom Sanitisation

Provides 24/7 protection by neutralising bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi in washroom spaces up to 10m2.

Efficient Hand Drying

A powerful jet-dry hand drying function that’s powered by an exceptionally efficient 230-watt motor.

User Protection

For enhanced hygiene, a protective plasma shield surrounds the user during use with a focused plasma blast onto hands after the hand drying cycle.

UK Laboratory Tested

Efficacy data provided by some of the top UK testing facilities including Profectus, Campden Labs and ALS Group.

The PureDri in Action

Step 1. When a patron enters the washroom

PureDri has eliminated 99.8% of airborne and surface micro-organisms. The entire washroom has been sanitised and is hostile to pathogens.

Step 2. Pathogens are introduced to the washroom

PureDri is continuously emitting a plasma to eliminate pathogens. 74.1% of airborne particles are eliminated in less than 5 minutes.

Step 3. Patrons wash hands then move to a PureDri

PureDri emits a focused plasma shield surrounding the user whilst the jet speed dryer uses sanitised air to dry hands thoroughly over a 20 second dry cycle.

Step 4. Focused plasma onto the users hands

A focused 6 second blast of plasma onto hands to eliminate pathogens that may not have been removed by hand washing. Proven to reduce bacteria count by a further 11%.

Running Cost & Sustainability

  • £45
    Based on 100 uses per day, 365 days per year
  • £685
    Based on paper towels costing 1p each.
  • 160KG
    How much one dispenser will send to landfill each year.

Use our online running cost calculator and our paper towel waste saving calculator to see how much you could save by choosing PureDri.

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