Hand dryers for public toilets & washrooms

The general public are more conscious than ever that places they visit regularly, especially those with high footfall, are providing clean, and most importantly safe, areas to reduce the spread of viruses and infections. Public bathrooms need to have the latest facilities in place to do their bit to stop the spread.

Public hand dryers can often be out of order, too noisy or too slow – making hand drying a prolonged experience. Airdri’s range of public toilet hand dryers, including the new ECO range, which includes the most energy efficient hand dryer available worldwide, can offer the right solution, providing very low running costs whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Air sanitisers & purifiers for high footfall public spaces

Public places that welcome a high footfall of people are prime places for bacteria, viruses, and infections to spread. With coronavirus changing the way many businesses operate, it is vital for public bathrooms, places, and facilities to have the right infection control in place to stop the spread. One of the main ways that illnesses, including coronavirus, can spread through public places is via airborne particles which are then directly inhaled, or can land on surfaces where they colonise and can be transferred into a host via their hands.

Effective infection control needs to be in place to ensure confidence and safety. Airdri’s air and surface sanitiser – SteraSpace works by combining three advanced technologies which provides a 24-hour protection, 365 days a year and is proven to kill 98.115% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms.

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