Here at Airdri, we have created the Handwashing Heroes, a team of super-clean superheroes, here to help children continue to adopt good hand hygiene practises, in a fun and engaging way.

Rather than focus on germs, viruses and the more frightening aspects of the topic, our heroes have arrived to encourage children to banish bacteria and join their team.

As an Oxford-based company, we’re committed to giving back to the local community and, as such, we’ve created a pack of resources that includes posters, sticker charts and stickers for infant year groups, and we’re making these resources free to as many schools as possible.

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Contact us to request a full pack which contains a laminated washroom poster, A2 pupil chart and sticker sheets.

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Hand-drying facts

At Airdri, we’re experts in hand hygiene. Through creating high-quality hand-dryers over the past forty-plus years, we’ve picked up a certain amount of expertise.

Here are some facts that you may not know already:

  • The optimum amount of time to dry your hands is for at least 15 seconds.
  • Hands need to completely dry after washing because germs can be transferred much more easily to and from wet hands and surfaces.
  • Pre-pandemic, 40% of people didn’t follow the correct hand-washing procedures.
  • Switching from paper towels to hand-dryers could save schools over £8,000 per year in running costs.
  • The average primary school sends 1,920kg of paper towels to landfill each year – the equivalent of 107 school PE benches.
Kiddi Quad

Meet our hand washing heroes!

Our brand new Kiddi Quad dryer has been designed for young children. Featuring our very own superhero characters, this dryer can help get children used to the sight and sounds of hand dryers in washrooms.

The dryer features a very low sound output and it’s ADA compliant – making it the ideal choice for use in schools, play centres and family washrooms.

Explore the Kiddi Quad