SteraSpace 20

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The SteraSpace 20 air & surface sanitisers were specifically designed for continuously occupied enclosed spaces. Featuring shorter profiles and completely silent operation, the SteraSpace 20 models are best suited for smaller enclosed spaces.

Choose from two units, the SteraSpace 20 PSA10 which covers areas of up to 10msq and the PSA20 which covers areas up to 20sqm.

You can purchase online via one of our distribution partners or by calling our sales team on 01865 734628.

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Features & Benefits

  • Completely silent operation
  • Suitable for areas of continuous use
  • Proven to kill 98.11% of airborne micro-organisms
  • Proven to kill 99.6% of surface micro-organisms
  • Controls infections by killing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi
  • Removes odours, pollen, pollution and smoke
  • Provides 24 hour protection, 365 days a year

Drying Time & Annual Running Costs

 Provide 24/7 infection control in your premises from just £23 per year

 Based on continuous power use at 18 watts using standard UK electricity rates.


Suitable for areas of continuous occupation. Due to its silent operation, it is particularly well suited for use in:

Residential care homes, hospital bedrooms, waiting rooms, consulting rooms or dentist decontamination rooms.

Hairdressers, cafes and other hospitality uses

Offices, retail spaces or private dwellings

Ongoing Maintenance

Requires one annual lamp change.
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Technical Specifications

Dimensions 185mm wide x 345mm high x 95mm deep
Weight 1.6Kg
Power Supply 220-230 volts / 18 Watts
Construction Wall mounting on bracket supplied
Operation Continuous – indicated by blue lamp.  Required annual lamp change
Area size 20m2
Cover material Anodised aluminium extrusion
Cover colour Titanium Look
Installation options Wall mounted silent operation. For vertical wall mounting only via 2 fixing points.
Product codes PSA20 – 20m2 area size
Best suited applications Use in constantly occupied enclosed areas.  Ideal for Care home resident’s bedrooms, also office and small to medium public areas.


With efficacy data from multiple laboratories including Porton Down in the UK, this technology is the most advanced virus control technology of its kind.

The units work by combining advanced technologies to emit a flow of disinfecting plasma that’s proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms.

The combination of Photo Catalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irradiation and Dual Waveband UV technologies produce a plasma of Targeted ozone, Superoxide Ions and Hydroxyl Radicals that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould fungi and odours.

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UV light cannot escape from the unit from any angle ensuring it is completely safe. Ozone levels used are substantially below the most stringent emissions regulations in the world.

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    SteraSpace technology has been proven to remove 100% of A. Fumigatas particles in the air in less than 60 minutes.

    Running continuously, SteraSpace units provide protection from the growth and spread of mould.



    SteraSpace 80 and SteraSpace 20 were tested in the reception and open surgery room to monitor bacteria levels pre and post installation.

    View the results here


    Efficacy data of some of our SteraSpace sanitisers can be downloaded below, simply enter your name and email address.