For 50 years Airdri has been designing and manufacturing world leading hand dryers.

Along the way, we’ve built a reputation for reliability. Our hand dryers are trusted by the busiest airports, service stations, and fast-food restaurants worldwide.

Our secret lies in our dedicated team of in-house engineers, who have meticulously crafted a select range of hand dryers. These dryers are ideal for all washroom types, featuring durable, compact designs, energy-efficient motors, and low noise output.

Equip your washrooms with hand dryers you can trust for exceptional reliability.

Simple to use, simple to maintain. All our models are touch-free, with no complex maintenance and added anti-vandalism features. Just reliable hand drying, year after year.

SteraSpace air and surface sanitisers are proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms

Featuring the most advanced virus and bacteria control technology of its kind, SteraSpace units control infections by killing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi, whilst also eliminating odours, pollen, pollution and smoke.

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About Airdri

Founded in 1974 by two mechanical and electrical engineers, Airdri remains a family owned business today with operations in the UK, US and China.

With engineering firmly at the heart of our business, we design and manufacture hand dryers that are respected for their reliability and longevity. We offer hand dryers with low noise outputs, high energy efficiency and with a choice of modern designs with slim profiles, our hand dryers compliment the aesthetics of all types of washrooms.

Over time, the Airdri Group has evolved.  Although hand dryers will always be our core business, our in-house engineering expertise has led us to explore new areas of business. In early 2020, Airdri launched SteraSpace, a range of ‘best in class’ air & surface sanitisers that are proven to effectively eliminate up to 99.6% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Then, in 2022 we launched the PureDri, a world first hand drying and sanitiser hybrid, that continuously cleans the air in restrooms whilst providing effective hand drying.

In 2024 Airdri unveils the PowerDRI, our first blade hand dryer with top-tier features for exceptional hand drying. Enhancing the lineup, the CompactDRI and ComfortDRI offer lower noise levels or a warm air output.


Introducing The PowerDRI

A sleek, compact hand dryer that’s ADA compliant, equipped with a blade air outlet and HEPA filter that will dry your hands in 10 seconds—yes, really.