Due to the climate crisis we’re facing, companies all over the world are starting to make changes in their workplaces to create a more sustainable setting that benefits both employers and employees. Changing just a few daily workplace habits, as well as how you buy and consume things, can have a significant impact on your company’s CO2 footprint. It’s good to consider what things you can change if you’re still holding on to wasteful habits. We’ve included a few ideas below, ranging from fast fixes to long-term solutions:

Go Paperless

Even today, many businesses are overly reliant on paper, which has a significant detrimental influence on the environment. Not only is relying on paper bad for the environment, but it also makes it difficult to locate certain documents when you need them most. Fortunately, in today’s workplace, having a digital way to work and communicate helps to make the paperless office a reality. Hybrid working is also an incredibly sustainable way of working. With everything digital, this reduces the carbon emissions from commuting and as well as the need for using paper. Even when paper is a necessity, recycling and reusing can help to change people’s minds about how they use paper and the effect it has on the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is not a new concept, but the number of options to recycle is growing at a greater rate than ever before. Almost everything nowadays may be reused, recycled, or composted, from printer toner to food waste. Recycling at the workplace only necessitates a little more motivation and commitment. Little things including paper recycling, recycling ink and toner cartridges, donating old equipment and cleaning using environmentally friendly products, all contribute to making your office less wasteful and more green.

Unplug it!

Conserving energy in your office is hugely advantageous to your company. It can aid in the smooth operation of your business as well as its long-term viability. Implementing energy-efficient practises in the workplace is one of the best methods to decrease wasted energy and power expenditures in your organisation. This can help your business save energy and money by lowering its monthly energy bill. Remembering to turn off any laptops, printers and copiers, and other non-essential gadgets at the end of the day can all help you to reduce energy consumption. Laptop and computers can also be set to use less power and monitors can be set to turn off when not in use.

Choose Eco-Products

It’s possible that your business may not have all the resources to go green from top to bottom. Small adjustments, on the other hand, can have a big impact on the ecosystem. Simply updating some of your office supplies might be a modest change that has a big impact as well as making changes in all areas of the organisation. Airdri’s eco-friendly hand dryer range, for example, features three hand dryer models that all run on less than 1,000 watts and are massively more eco-friendly compared to the landfill waste that paper towels produce.

Virtual Meetings

Holding more virtual meetings is one of the simplest and most effective methods for businesses to be environmentally mindful. Videoconferencing is literally saving the earth by eliminating the environmental impact of paper materials generated, fuel required, and other in-person meeting demands.

Introducing even a couple of these small modifications in your office can have a significant influence on reducing your company’s environmental footprint. Making your office more environmentally friendly can benefit everyone, and leaving a lasting impression of your businesses environmental effect will remain for decades.

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