We have launched a winter campaign in local Oxford schools this week, to remind children of the importance of good hand hygiene. The company has enlisted the help of some handy superheroes who’re on a mission to banish bacteria and promote super clean hands.

The superheroes feature on posters, sticker charts and further educational resources that have been sent all Oxford schools free of charge, as Airdri looks to reinforce the message that washing and drying hands properly is a brilliant way to fight the spread of bugs and viruses.

Airdri is hoping to reach 30,000+ children with the campaign across Oxfordshire. The timing of the campaign is especially important with Omnicron coronavirus rates in the county continuing to reflect those in the rest of the county. Find the latest coronavirus rates here: https://phdashboard.oxfordshire.gov.uk/

Key messages from the campaign include that it’s just as important to dry your hands properly as it is to wash them as bacteria spreads more easily on damp surfaces. The optimum time to dry your hands is 15 seconds.

Meet the Handwashing Heroes

Airdri’s Handwashing Heroes are a team of three squeaky-clean superheroes with superior hand hygiene and an important message for children in Oxford: germs and viruses can spread more easily on unwashed or wet hands.

The Handwashing Heroes are urging children to join their team, by making sure their hands are squeaky clean, as well as sharing tips on how to wash and dry hands properly.

Steve Whitall, Chief Operating Officer at Airdri said: “Teaching children about proper hand hygiene is more important than ever, and as a company that makes both hand-dryers and air sanitisation units we have a huge amount of expertise in this area. We wanted to share our knowledge to help stop the spread of viruses in schools by engaging children in a way that it’s not scary for them. We created this team of superheroes that will hopefully make hand hygiene fun and accessible for children of primary school age.

“We’re posting copies out to as many schools in the local area as possible, and further copies can be downloaded free from our website.”

Visit https://airdri.com/kiddi-quad-schools-pack/ to download.

Adele Tournier, a teacher who helped to consult on the content of the teacher resource pack, said: “These resources are exactly what schools need right now. Teaching the children about hand hygiene is hugely important, not just with coronavirus in mind but other colds, bugs and seasonal viruses that circulate at this time of year. We always want children to learn in a fun way, so the superhero theme is great for this purpose and ideal for the age group. It’s great that a local company is getting involved with schools on their doorstep in this way.”

The campaign has been created to support the launch of Airdri’s brand new Kiddi Quad hand-dryer, which has very low sound levels when operated, making it ideal for schools. It’s cost saving and environmentally friendly too, offering a £846* reduction in annual running costs.

For a limited time Airdri is offering schools in the area a 20% discount on purchases of Kiddi Quad hand dryers until 11th February 2022 with code KIDDIQUAD20! ses of Kiddi Quad hand dryers.

To find out more about how Airdri can help with your school’s washroom needs, contact us on 01865 882330 or email us at superheroes@airdri.com and our team will be happy to help.

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