Fresh Student Living is a company that offers modern and stylish student accommodation in key locations across the country.

The management team at one of the company’s sites in London had explored numerous ways to control infection during the pandemic, including housekeeping services for occupants, when the decision was made to trial Airdri’s SteraSpace units at the premises.

A total of 287 students live in the Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook buildings, attending a mix of universities throughout London. Four staff are based on site, which is situated a five-minute walk away from London Bridge station.

SteraSpace units were installed to reduce bacteria in communal areas such as the common rooms, reception, staff toilets and shower room and kitchens. The main objective was of course to keep their residents safe, but also to provide reassurance that everything possible was being done to stop the spread of Covid-19.

General Manager Leona Wilson explains more about the decision to trial SteraSpace:

“Even though we were already doing a great job, I have been continuously looking into what extra precautions we could put in place throughout the pandemic to provide assurance to our students – especially those who are vulnerable or suffer with pre-existing medical conditions. We had experienced a small number of COVID cases as well as the usual seasonal outbreaks of colds and flu.

“For me, the biggest concern was the mixing of students outside of campus, then coming home and spreading illnesses within the accommodation. That’s as you would expect in a building with a large number of residents such as ours.

“We were already regularly cleaning and had additional security checks in place to make sure students were social distancing and not bringing guests back to the accommodation.  The majority had personal hand sanitisers in their rooms and some even had UV lights.

“When I heard about SteraSpace, I just thought that’s exactly what we need. We were reading more and more about how Covid could be transmitted through the air, so the fact that the technology is proven to work on both air and surfaces was a huge plus point.

“Another thing that really appealed to us was how inobtrusive the units are – you can simply fit them and let them do their job. We found this preferable to other types of infection control, for example, Fogging – you really know a room is being fogged.

Airdri SteraSpace Air and Surface Sanitisers provide 24/7 infection and odour control by sanitising surrounding air and exposed surfaces.

 The units combine Photo Catalytic Disinfection (PCD), Germicidal Irradiation and Dual Waveband UV technology to create the most advanced virus and bacteria control technology of its kind. This offers a unique and highly effective way to eliminate bacteria, mould, fungi, viruses, dust mites, allergens, and harmful VOCs to result in clean, healthy air and surfaces in student accommodation.

 By combining these three advanced technologies a continuous flow of disinfecting plasma is released into the air which eliminates 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms. It significantly reduces the opportunity for cross infection and works in under 60 minutes.

 “Both staff and students feel more confident. The SteraSpace sticker included in the box is a nice touch. It means we are able to advertise that the premises are protected by an infection control system.

“Not only this but after the initial installation cost, the units cost in the region of just £2 per month to run, with an annual outlay of around £50 for a new bulb so it’s highly cost effective in a site where you may need numerous units such as ours.

“SteraSpace has increased the confidence of staff and students and we believe decreased the overall risk of being around one another; with the added bonus that it reduces odours too.

“We’re so impressed that we will be looking at offering students an option to buy or lease a SteraSpace 20 for their rooms to provide even more protection.”



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