Use this guide to help select the right Steraspace Sanitiser Solution for your business.

SteraSpace air & surface sanitisers provide continuous protection from the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and odours.

The range includes four units which each feature compact profiles and come in a choice of colours, the units are discrete, yet can service floor areas of up to 80m2. With minimal maintenance and a low energy consumption from just 10watts, the SteraSpace range is a green solution for delivering continuously sanitised air and surfaces.

Steraspace Washroom Units

SteraSpace Washroom units are designed specifically for washroom environments, it is not advised to install these units in any other environment.

Strong odours are not only extremely unpleasant and off-putting, but they are also a sure sign of an unhygienic washroom. Washrooms are a primary source of infections, including: salmonella, e.coli, rhinovirus, norovirus, influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis A, hepatitis E and clostridium difficile. SteraSpace technology has been proven to eliminate virus and bacteria particles down to 0.0001 microns.

Steraspace 20 & Steraspace 80

These SteraSpace units are designed for use in continuously occupied spaces from 10m2 to 80m2.

The SteraSpace 20 units are completely silent, which may benefit spaces such as care home resident bedrooms, quiet waiting rooms or learning areas.

The larger SteraSpace 80 will emit a very low sound level (due to the fan operation) but is capable of sanitising much larger areas or areas where the risk of the spread of infection is higher, such as care home lounges or open plan offices.


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