Spring is traditionally a time for cleaning the slate and starting anew, reflected in the focus people often gear towards spring cleaning – clearing out clutter and freshening up all those forgotten corners and out of reach places that are only sanitised once a year.

This spring, you have probably spent the time tidying up your garden, clearing out kitchen cupboards and ensuring the entire house is spick and span, but have you dedicated the same amount of time and attention to your workspace?

In this blog, we answer the questions of whether spring cleaning the office is necessary, what’s included in an office spring clean and highlight the most germ-ridden items in the office to clean for effective infection control. The result? A cleaner, fresher, more pleasant and hygienic workspace.

Is spring cleaning the office necessary?

In short, yes! Not just for the fact that it will stop the spread of illnesses such as common colds, influenza, salmonella, and gastroenteritis, but also because having a clear and clean workspace can boost morale and create good impressions for clients colleagues visitors alike.

You can boost efficiency by being more organised and ensuring a tidy workspace. Knowing where things are and having them to hand easily when you need them saves time and stress and boosts productivity. But it’s more than that, and clear space can inspire and give you the headspace to heighten your creativity.

Think about how calm and relaxing it is to walk into clean, tidy space and conversely how distracting it is when the environment is cluttered and dirty. Your surroundings make a big difference to the way your brain can process and organise information.  

And to staff, clients and visitors, a clean and tidy office will make a big difference to how your company is perceived.

It’s clear then that there are some compelling reasons to give your office a thorough spring clean.

What is included in an office spring clean?

Cleaning desk surfaces, hoovering, emptying bins, and having a general tidy-up should be done each week, so when it comes to office spring cleaning, it’s time to get deep into the nooks and crannies that are overlooked in your regular cleaning schedule.

Think about deep cleaning, rather than a simple hoover to the floors/carpets. They should be thoroughly shampooed and disinfected to rid them of ingrained dirt. Pull out all the furniture and clean hard to reach areas to ensure a clear, dust-free and ultra-hygienic workplace. It’s something that’s particularly important at this time of year for allergy sufferers, ridding the space of pollen and dust particles that can play havoc with productivity levels.

What to clean during an office spring clean?

You probably have a fairly good idea of what you’ll need to clean by now, but here’s a list to get you started:


Door handles


Window blinds





Walls (removing cobwebs)

Bathrooms – floors, basins, mirrors, sinks, toilets
Kitchens – floors, worktops, cupboards, sink
Breakout areas


And some things you might not have thought about including in your office spring clean…

Your tech – technology is with us everywhere we go, yet how often do you take the time to clean it? One study into the differing bacteria levels found that a computer keyboard can have over 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. A phone is likely to have over 31,000 times more bacteria than a pen. So, it might pay to clean your electronic items more frequently and certainly include a deep clean when it comes to spring cleaning.

Find out more about technology and bacteria here: https://www.cbtnuggets.com/blog/career/career-progression/bytes-and-bacteria-exposing-the-germs-on-your-technology?rdr_type=301&rdr_source=cloudfront&rdr_origin=/blog/2016/10/bytes-and-bacteria-exposing-the-germs-on-your-technology.

Your ID badges – by far the worst contender for harbouring bacteria is the electronic badge, which was found to have more germs than even a pet toy. Yet many of us carry these items around our necks without considering how grubby they may be.

Your virtual space – spring cleaning isn’t just for the tangible things you can touch. You might not be able to pass on germs virtually, but clearing out your files, folders and emails will give you more headspace and boost your productivity immensely.

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