Here at Airdri, we’re excited to be bringing a new product to market that is set to revolutionise bathroom hygiene and infection control.

The new first of its kind, PureDri unit, is unlike anything else currently available. The hygienic hand dryer has been designed and developed in the UK by our onsite engineers as a response to the pandemic. It combines a fast-drying hand dryer with a state-of-the-art air sanitiser technology.

PureDri also has a unique patented feature, making it, what we believe, to be the most hygienic hand dryer available.

As well as continuously sanitising air and surfaces, reducing bacteria and airborne pathogens by up to 99.8%, it sanitises the hands by delivering a concentrated stream of disinfecting plasma at the end of the drying cycle. In independent tests this was found to reduce bacteria on the surface of the hands by a further 11%.

All of this is combined within a hand drying unit with exceptionally low running costs and environmental efficiency making it one of the most hygienic hand dryers on the market.

How does it work?

Utilising best-in-class sanitising technology the PureDri station provides a triple action defence against the spread of odours, bacteria and viruses in washrooms. The PureDri will substantially reduce contamination risk whilst creating cleaner, fresher smelling, and more sustainable washroom environments.

It works to continuously maintain a washroom environment that is hostile to pathogens by creating and distributing a sanitising plasma into the air and onto surfaces, as well as providing individual user protection by focusing plasma both around the user and onto hands at the end of the hand drying cycle.

This highly efficacious sanitising plasma is formed of hydroxyl radicals, superoxide ions and low levels of ozone and is proven to eliminate 99.8% of airborne and 99.8% of surface micro-organisms within minutes and substantially reduce unpleasant orders.

Find out more about the sanitising technology found in PureDri here.

Steve Whittall, our Operations Director here at Airdri, explains more:

“What we set out to do when we began to design PureDri was to reduce risk at every stage of the washroom experience and we’re proud to say we believe we have achieved that.”

Testing and efficacy

We commissioned Campden BRI, ALS group and Profectus laboratories to independently test the efficacy of the PureDri station.

Using surrogate virus and bacteria solutions the efficacy of PureDri technology was tested in the air and on surfaces. The unit was tested in a chamber the size of a realistic bathroom where it was found to reduce air and surface micro-organisms by 99.8%.

To test the focused hand plasma, ALS Group devised a procedure that uses petri dishes to most accurately replicate the process of human hands infected with E. Coli washing hands then using the PureDri.

Additional Environmental Benefits

PureDri is not only extremely effective at reducing bacteria but is also energy efficient with low running costs and comes with a five year warranty. Annual running costs are between £45 and £55 depending on dryer usage. When compared to paper towels this demonstrates a huge reduction in annual bills, as well as the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Steve ended, “developed as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, PureDri is unique and unlike anything else on the market. In these times, with influenza alone thought to cost the UK economy around £3billion in sick days and where businesses are feeling a double hit of pandemic restrictions and increased absenteeism, a unit that not only can reduce cross infection but also has exceptionally low running costs is surely something that most would want to explore.”

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