Nothing beats fresh, clean air on a crisp spring day, but it can be hard to get this feeling all year round in your workspace.

Did you know that certain plants have fantastic air-cleansing qualities and can really help to purify the air around you? A study carried out by NASA, titled Clean Air Study, found that a number of plants can detoxify the air in your workplace from airborne toxins, dust and germs that might occur.

We don’t know about you but if it’s approved by NASA and makes the office that bit fresher? What’s not to love!

Snake plant

The holy grail when it comes to introducing an air-purifying plant into your office or workspace, the snake plant, or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue as its also known, releases oxygen at night, renewing the air for when you arrive at work. It is great for filtering out toxins and a bonus is it’s not too difficult to look after – just watch out for overwatering the snake plant, the roots are quite delicate and can be prone to rot.

Boston Fern

Giving off the perfect tropical feel for your office, this plant actually prefers darker rooms or indirect light. It is considered one of the most efficient plants when it comes to cleaning air as it removes formaldehyde from the atmosphere.  An added bonus is the Boston Fern is pet-friendly so won’t cause any harm if your furry friends come to visit.

Peace Lily

Peace by name, peace by nature – this plant is one of the few air-purifiers that actually flower, bringing a subtle aroma to your workplace whilst detoxing your space. The peace lily is great for removing toxins from the air such as benzene and carcinogen, which are found in paints, furniture wax and polishes, and also absorbs acetone which is emitted by electronics, adhesives and certain cleaners. An all-round great plant to have in your office.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is renowned for its health benefits when it comes to soothing the skin and sunburn, but it is also a fantastic air-cleanser. Similar to the peace lily, this spiky number removes benzene and carcinogens from the air and as it’s a succulent, it is quite easy to care for. Aloe vera’s love a sunny spot, so windowsills are the ideal place for this plant – and if you have any mishaps at work, the gel inside its leaves makes for a great soothing ointment.

Spider Plant

The plant for people who aren’t exactly green-fingered – the spider plant is extremely resilient and can go without water if you accidentally forget or are away for the Bank Holiday. Spider plants are the best for tackling carbon monoxide and xylene and are pet-friendly too, it’s a win-win. They are also surprisingly easy to propagate as they grow so quickly, which means you can grow endless spider plants to fill your office or home with pure, naturally clean air.

Whilst houseplants can help filter toxins from the air in your workplace, they do this gradually and quite a few are needed to purify a large area.

If you are concerned about poor air quality in your office, you should consider a SteraSpace unit to sanitise the air that circulates and the surfaces within your workspace.

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