Our most innovative and hygienic hand dryer to date is causing waves in the world of hand dryers and washroom technology, not least because it tackles infection control at every stage of the hand-drying process as well as protecting the user even before they begin to wash their hands.

Yet it’s an innovative twist delivered at the end of the hand-drying process that makes PureDri unique. Once dry, it delivers a concentrated blast of disinfecting plasma onto the user’s hands, further reducing the chance of cross infection through contact with the hands and surfaces.

PureDri was developed as a response to the pandemic and there are undoubted proven benefits to using PureDri in a range of different settings. Here, we explore some of the places that PureDri can be used to reduce pathogens and cross contamination, significantly lowering the chance of disease spreading in the washroom.

Reducing Germs in Office Washrooms

PureDri is especially good within larger office blocks and serviced buildings that have multiple users often from different companies, all of whom have use of the bathrooms.

In this communal scenario, the toilets are a place where people convene, and mixing takes place in an enclosed environment. The runs the risk of germs being transferred from group to group. And with extremely contagious illnesses such as Covid-19 or common colds it often isn’t long before they will rip through an office building.

Absenteeism is huge problem for businesses, with the Office for National Statistics stating that an estimated 149.3 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2021, equivalent to 4.6 days per worker.

Combining PureDri in the washrooms with Airdri’s innovative SteraSpace units inside the offices can offer a solution. One company using this technology reported absences dropping by 42%, with less complaints of colds, flu, stomach bugs and breathing related illnesses. This saved the employer £213,704 in sickness cover over three months.

In another independent test, the technology used in SteraSpace was found to reduce harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens by 78% within an office environment. You can read the full results of the study here: https://airdri.com/blog/case-study-office-germs-reduced-by-78-in-independent-test/.

Hygienic Hand Drying in Schools

Children may have learnt more about hand hygiene in recent years, but often education focuses more on the hand washing process rather than how to dry the hands correctly, which is equally important.

Germs multiply more quickly and easily in damp environments, so when hands aren’t dried thoroughly, as often happens when children wash their hands, it gives them the ideal conditions to grow exponentially.

PureDri is an easy to use, environmentally friendly hand dryer for schools. And because it is combined with room sanitising technology, it removes germs and bacteria from air and surfaces ahead of a school’s breaktime and again once children have used the bathrooms.

PureDri also has an easy to follow, light display system which clearly shows children how long they should keep their hands underneath the dryer firstly to dry hands and then to complete the concentrated plasma application. Resulting in children drying their hands more thoroughly under the hand dryer. The concentrated stream of plasma applied to hands at the end of the cycle is a further way to reduce levels of bacteria on children’s hands.

You can see more about how PureDri works here:

Creating Confidence in Public Bathrooms

With such open access and diverse usage, it’s no wonder that public toilets are often seen as a breeding ground for bacteria. Streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus, and various sexually transmitted organisms can all be found in public toilets.

PureDri protects the user and others within the bathroom by reducing both air and surface bacteria, so not only will users be less likely to breathe in harmful pathogens, they will be less likely to touch and transfer them to and from surfaces too.

Additionally, the technology in PureDri is proven to eliminate unpleasant odours, which can be a nuisance in public washrooms.

Driving up hygiene standards in hospitality venue toilets

In our recent survey Airdri found that found more than half (52%) of respondents wouldn’t return to a hospitality venue if faced with a dirty bathroom. 

Of the types of hospitality venues mentioned, bars, by far, fared the worst, the survey highlighting that 37% of bar visitors had experienced this issue. This was followed by 27% in a nightclub, and a quarter in a restaurant. Music/gig venues and hotels came out on top with just 21% of those interviewed falling foul of a mucky loo in either type of establishment.

While surprising, these results illustrate the importance of hospitality venues maintaining good hygiene standards in the washrooms. And PureDri is a way of doing that, even while it is not being used, it continuously works in the background to create a cleaner, fresher smelling bathroom. Reducing the bacteria that can create foul smells should result in increased consumer confidence as well as reducing the workload of busy staff.

More about PureDri

The new first of its kind, PureDri unit, is unlike any hand dryer else currently available. The hygienic hand dryer has been designed and developed in the UK by our onsite engineers as a response to the pandemic. It combines a fast-drying hand dryer with a state-of-the-art air sanitiser technology.

Find out more here: https://airdri.com/blog/the-most-hygienic-hand-dryer-ever/

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